How To Get Started: SEOMOZ Keywords

Moz Keywords is an industry-leading keyword research tool that provides intelligent search data, helping guide the user to relevant and logical keyword selections relevant to their business. Using artificial intelligence models, the user can quickly perform SEO research while identifying gaps in keyword search both in global and geo-targeted locations. With filters that can slice and dice search terms according to interest, industry, and audience, users can easily select the right search term result that will bring them to the top when potential customers are looking for a product, service, or restaurant.

The Moz Keywords platform gives business owners and marketers the opportunity to optimize their keyword selection, offering a more complete search strategy that will bring the desired results. With competitive analysis, users gain an understanding of both the paid and organic competition for a given keyword, giving users the intelligence and insight to make informed decisions about their organic keywords. With Moz Keywords, business owners and marketers can create highly targeted original content that is optimized to dominate organic search and outrank human-written content.

By taking advantage of the key features of Moz Keywords, businesses can enter into the world of organic search and dominate the competition.


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