Organic SEO Stats: A Guide for Retail Businesses

Organic SEO Stats

Organic SEO is a key factor for increasing traffic and leads, and in turn, sales for retailers. Retailers of all sizes must pay attention to SEO and its significant impact on user experience and website visibility. With this understanding, a business must take the time to research and understand vital organic SEO stats to be successful in the online market.

Organic SEO may seem complex and laboratory-like, but having a basic understanding of the essential elements is enough for merchants to grow in organic search rankings. In this guide, we will cover some of the most critical organic SEO stats for retail business owners to understand and prioritize.

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO, or search engine optimization, is a practice that aims to bolster the visibility of a website or web page on the organic search engine results page. This is in contrast to paid search engine results. These organic results appear based on Content, keywords on the site, structured data, meta tags, and the quality of the website, among other factors.

Organic SEO is an essential online marketing practice for driving user engagement, lead generation, and website ranking. While SEO implementation is no easy task, the results will be worth it. In the end, this practice will help retailers grab a slice of the digital marketing pie, especially amid the tightening competition in the retail market.

Organic SEO Stats to Take Note of

Knowing the key facts and figures of organic SEO will help retailers understand the importance of organic SEO and the features to analyze their organic rankings better. Here are some organic SEO stats to pay attention to:

1. Most of the User Clicks Go to First Page Results

Organic search engine results are placed in specific order, which news search engine’s algorithms are selecting and ranking based on relevancy and other features. Research has revealed that more than 70% of the user clicks are attained by first page results. This figure shows the importance of ranking on the first page. Thus, a retailer must ensure that their website gains a spot on the first-page rankings if they want to acquire more clicks.

2. Long-Form Content Ranks Higher

Aside from being attractive to the readers, long-form articles also fare better than short ones in terms of organic rankings. Studies reveal that longer content has a better chance to rank in the first page then short form content. Accordingly, it’s best to ensure that each article written is lengthy and informative to boost website visibility.

3. Internal Links Increase Search Visibility

Relevant internal links in articles or product descriptions boost visibility and search engine rankings. Internal linking increases the time spent by users on your website and reduces the bounce rate. Having more internal links is also beneficial because it acts as an extra push to the pages it links to.

4. The Main Objective is to Improve User Experience

User experience plays an essential part in determining the websites organic rankings. As such, it’s important to pay attention to how users interact with the website. If the experience is positive and relevant to the user, then the rankings on the search engine results page will improve.

Analyzing organic SEO metrics and search engine performance is an ongoing process. Retailers must constantly monitor the SEO performance to make sure that their website is serving the user efficiently. With the right organic SEO stats, they can adjust their practices to better improve website visibility and beat the competition.

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