List of Top 20 Building Materials Companies

Free List Of Top 20 Building Materials Companies

The building materials industry in the United States is a thriving sector that encompasses a wide array of companies involved in the production and distribution of construction materials. From concrete and steel to lumber and insulation, these companies play a crucial role in providing the essential components for building and infrastructure projects across the country.


As the construction industry continues to grow and evolve, the demand for high-quality building materials remains constant. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 20 building materials companies in the US, highlighting key details such as their sector, year founded, annual revenue, short description, and a link to their website.

Top 20 Building Materials Companies

1. Company: Owens Corning

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1938

– Annual Revenue: $7.2 billion

– Description: Owens Corning is a global leader in insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composites. The company’s products contribute to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

– Website: [Owens Corning](

2. Company: Armstrong World Industries

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1860

– Annual Revenue: $3.5 billion

– Description: Armstrong World Industries is a leading provider of ceiling, wall, and suspension system solutions. The company focuses on creating design flexibility and acoustical performance.

– Website: [Armstrong World Industries](

3. Company: Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1973

– Annual Revenue: $2.9 billion

– Description: Louisiana-Pacific Corporation manufactures building products, specializing in engineered wood products, siding, and outdoor decking. The company emphasizes sustainability and innovation.

– Website: [Louisiana-Pacific Corporation](

4. Company: Vulcan Materials Company

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1909

– Annual Revenue: $4.9 billion

– Description: Vulcan Materials Company is the largest producer of construction aggregates in the US. The company supplies essential materials for infrastructure, commercial, and residential projects.

– Website: [Vulcan Materials Company](

5. Company: Masco Corporation

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1929

– Annual Revenue: $7.4 billion

– Description: Masco Corporation is a leading manufacturer of home improvement and building products, including faucets, cabinets, and insulation. The company serves both professional and DIY markets.

– Website: [Masco Corporation](

6. Company: Martin Marietta Materials

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1939

– Annual Revenue: $4.7 billion

– Description: Martin Marietta Materials is a supplier of aggregates and heavy building materials, contributing to the construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and airports.

– Website: [Martin Marietta Materials](

7. Company: Builders FirstSource

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1998

– Annual Revenue: $12.5 billion

– Description: Builders FirstSource is a leading supplier and manufacturer of building materials and construction services. The company serves professional contractors, homebuilders, and remodelers.

– Website: [Builders FirstSource](

8. Company: Eagle Materials Inc.

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1967

– Annual Revenue: $1.7 billion

– Description: Eagle Materials Inc. is a producer of basic building materials, including cement, gypsum wallboard, recycled paperboard, and concrete aggregates.

– Website: [Eagle Materials Inc.](

9. Company: Trex Company, Inc.

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1996

– Annual Revenue: $881 million

– Description: Trex Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of eco-friendly composite decking, railing, and fencing. The company is committed to sustainability and outdoor living innovations.

– Website: [Trex Company, Inc.](

10. Company: Summit Materials

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 2009

– Annual Revenue: $2.65 billion

– Description: Summit Materials is a leading vertically integrated construction materials company, supplying aggregates, cement, ready-mix concrete, and asphalt for various construction projects.

– Website: [Summit Materials](

11. Company: GCP Applied Technologies Inc.

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 2015

– Annual Revenue: $1.27 billion

– Description: GCP Applied Technologies Inc. offers specialty construction chemicals and building materials, focusing on improving performance, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

– Website: [GCP Applied Technologies Inc.](

12. Company: Headwaters Incorporated (Now part of Boral Limited)

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 2004

– Annual Revenue: N/A

– Description: Headwaters Incorporated, now part of Boral Limited, previously provided building materials and services, including fly ash, cement, and precast concrete products.

– Website: [Boral Limited](

13. Company: Continental Building Products (Now part of Saint-Gobain)

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 2013

– Annual Revenue: $181 million

– Description: Continental Building Products, now part of Saint-Gobain, specialized in gypsum wallboard and joint compound manufacturing. The company focused on sustainable practices and product innovation.

– Website: [Saint-Gobain](

14. Company: Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc.

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1956

– Annual Revenue: $1.27 billion

– Description: Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a leader in engineered wood products and construction connectors, catering to the residential and commercial construction markets.

– Website: [Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc.](

15. Company: Boise Cascade Company

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1957

– Annual Revenue: $5.7 billion

– Description: Boise Cascade Company provides a wide range of wood products, including plywood, engineered wood, and particleboard, to support residential and commercial construction needs.

– Website: [Boise Cascade Company](

16. Company: Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1988

– Annual Revenue: $3.3 billion

– Description: Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited is a major manufacturer of architectural, automotive, and solar glass products, serving global markets with high-quality glass solutions.

– Website: [Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited](

17. Company: Installed Building Products

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1977

– Annual Revenue: $2.1 billion

– Description: Installed Building Products is a leading installer of insulation and complementary building products, offering energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for residential and commercial projects.

– Website: [Installed Building Products](

18. Company: Apogee Enterprises, Inc.

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1949

– Annual Revenue: $1.4 billion

– Description: Apogee Enterprises, Inc. specializes in architectural glass and metal products, providing innovative solutions for the design and construction of commercial buildings.

– Website: [Apogee Enterprises, Inc.](

19. Company: NCI Building Systems (Now part of Cornerstone Building Brands)

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1984

– Annual Revenue: Over $7 billion

– Description: NCI Building Systems, now part of Cornerstone Building Brands, focused on providing comprehensive solutions for the commercial and residential construction markets, including metal products and insulation systems.

– Website: [Cornerstone Building Brands](

20. Company: Beacon Building Products

– Sector: Building Materials

– Year Founded: 1928

– Annual Revenue: $7.1 billion

– Description: Beacon Building Products is America’s largest distributor of residential and commercial roofing materials, emphasizing a broad product selection and customer service excellence.

– Website: [Beacon Building Products](

Last reflections

The top 20 building materials companies in the US encompass a diverse range of products and services, catering to the needs of construction projects across both residential and commercial sectors. These companies play a vital role in providing the essential materials and solutions required for the development and maintenance of infrastructure, buildings, and homes.

From insulation and roofing to aggregates and construction chemicals, these leading companies contribute to the advancement of the construction industry while focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

By recognizing the offerings and capabilities of these top companies, builders, contractors, architects, and homeowners can make informed decisions