List of Top 10 Online Furniture Rental Companies

Free List Of Top 10 Online Furniture Rental Companies

The furniture rental industry in the United States has seen a significant rise in recent years, driven by the changing consumer preferences, particularly among the millennial and Gen Z demographic. Online furniture rental has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional ownership, offering consumers the flexibility to change their living space without the long-term commitment or high upfront costs of purchasing furniture. This article provides an overview of the top 10 online furniture rental companies in the US to help consumers make informed decisions about their furniture needs.

Overview of Online Furniture Rental Companies

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1. CORT Furniture Rental

– Year Founded: 1972

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: CORT Furniture Rental offers a wide range of high-quality rental furniture for both residential and commercial use. With nationwide coverage, CORT provides flexible rental options and premium customer service.

Website: [CORT Furniture Rental](

2. Fernish

– Year Founded: 2019

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: Fernish focuses on sustainable and stylish furniture rental, providing a curated selection of modern and mid-century pieces. Their flexible rental plans cater to individuals and families looking for quality furniture with hassle-free delivery and setup.

– Website: [Fernish](

3. Feather

– Year Founded: 2017

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: Feather offers premium furniture rental with a focus on modern, eco-friendly designs. Their convenient rental process, including free delivery and assembly, appeals to urban dwellers and those seeking sustainable lifestyle choices.

– Website: [Feather](

4. Inhabitr

– Year Founded: 2017

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: Inhabitr provides a vast selection of rental furniture, from functional to luxury pieces, suitable for various lifestyles and budgets. The company’s emphasis on affordability and customer satisfaction has made it a popular choice for renters.

– Website: [Inhabitr](

5. CasaOne

– Year Founded: 2017

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: CasaOne offers a seamless rental experience, providing access to premium modern furniture for homes and offices. With flexible lease terms and dedicated support, CasaOne caters to individuals and businesses seeking high-quality furnishings.

– Website: [CasaOne](

6. Brook Furniture Rental

– Year Founded: 1979

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: Brook Furniture Rental serves both residential and commercial clients with a comprehensive range of rental furniture options. Their personalized approach and expertise in staging homes make them a trusted name in the industry.

– Website: [Brook Furniture Rental](

7. Fashion Furniture Rental

– Year Founded: 2010

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: Fashion Furniture Rental offers a diverse collection of rental furniture, including designer and luxury pieces, for residential and corporate settings. With customizable rental plans and fast delivery, the company caters to a wide range of clientele.

– Website: [Fashion Furniture Rental](

8. Apartment List

– Year Founded: 2011

– Annual Revenue: Information not available

– Description: Apartment List has expanded from its original rental listing service to offer furniture rental solutions for apartment dwellers. With a focus on convenience and affordability, their rental packages cater to individuals in urban areas.

– Website: [Apartment List](

9. Rent-A-Center

– Year Founded: 1973

– Annual Revenue: $2.45 billion

– Description: Rent-A-Center is a well-established furniture rental company offering flexible rental plans and a wide selection of home furnishings. With a network of stores across the US, Rent-A-Center provides accessible rental solutions for diverse customer needs.

– Website: [Rent-A-Center](

10. Aarons

– Year Founded: 1955

– Annual Revenue: $3.85 billion

– Description: Aarons provides rental and lease-to-own options for furniture, electronics, and appliances. With decades of experience, Aarons offers a variety of products and affordable payment plans, making furniture rental accessible to many consumers.

– Website: [Aarons](

Final notions

In the evolving landscape of furniture consumption, online furniture rental companies play a crucial role in providing consumers with cost-effective, convenient, and sustainable alternatives to traditional furniture ownership. By offering a wide range of furniture options, flexible rental plans, and hassle-free delivery and setup, these companies are reshaping the way people furnish their homes and businesses. As the industry continues to grow, consumers and businesses alike can expect more innovation, personalization, and environmentally conscious choices from these leading online furniture rental companies.