List of Top 10 Milk Chocolate Producers

Free List Of Top 10 Milk Chocolate Producers

Indulging in the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate is a beloved pastime for many Americans. Whether for a quick pick-me-up or a special treat, the popularity of milk chocolate in the US has paved the way for a competitive market of chocolate producers. From household names to niche artisan offerings, the options are abundant. To help you navigate through this delectable landscape, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to the top 10 milk chocolate producers in the US. Read on to discover key players in the industry, their origins, and what sets them apart.


As consumers continually seek high-quality and diverse chocolate options, realizing the top milk chocolate producers in the US is essential for retail industry professionals and chocolate enthusiasts alike. This guide introduces the leading companies in the sector, shedding light on their founding years, revenue, and unique aspects of their chocolate offerings. Whether for personal indulgence or business ventures, this overview serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in the multifaceted world of milk chocolate production.

Top 10 Milk Chocolate Producers in the US

1. Sector: Chocolate Confectionery

Year Founded: 1894

Annual Revenue: $7.30 billion

Description: Hershey’s is an iconic American brand renowned for its wide range of milk chocolate products, including Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The company’s commitment to sustainability and community initiatives has further elevated its standing in the industry.

Website: [Hershey’s](

2. Sector: Chocolate Confectionery

Year Founded: 1852

Annual Revenue: $7.10 billion

Description: Mars Wrigley is a global leader in the chocolate and confectionery sector, with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Its diverse milk chocolate portfolio includes popular brands such as M&M’s, Snickers, and Dove Chocolate.

Website: [Mars Wrigley](

3. Sector: Chocolate Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1982

Annual Revenue: $5.80 billion

Description: Lindt & Spr√ľngli, known for its premium Swiss chocolate, has established a strong presence in the US market. The company’s smooth and creamy milk chocolate offerings, including the Lindor Truffles, exemplify a commitment to quality and luxury.

Website: [Lindt USA](

4. Sector: Confectionery

Year Founded: 1921

Annual Revenue: $5.00 billion

Description: Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, with its rich heritage and dedication to craftsmanship, has become synonymous with exceptional milk chocolate experiences. From its signature squares to baking products, Ghirardelli’s chocolate expertise shines through.

Website: [Ghirardelli](

5. Sector: Confectionery

Year Founded: 1824

Annual Revenue: $4.70 billion

Description: Godiva Chocolatier, revered for its elegant and luxurious chocolate creations, offers a range of milk chocolate delights that embody sophistication and indulgence. Each piece reflects Godiva’s commitment to artistry and flavor.

Website: [Godiva](

6. Sector: Candy & Confectionery Stores

Year Founded: 1927

Annual Revenue: $3.90 billion

Description: See’s Candies, originating from Mary See’s original recipes, has garnered a loyal following for its delectable milk chocolate confections. The company’s emphasis on tradition and meticulous craftsmanship sets it apart in the industry.

Website: [See’s Candies](

7. Sector: Chocolate & Cocoa

Year Founded: 1984

Annual Revenue: $2.50 billion

Description: Ferrero USA, known for its global confectionery presence, offers a range of milk chocolate products, including Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to captivate consumers.

Website: [Ferrero USA](

8. Sector: Chocolates and Confections

Year Founded: 1856

Annual Revenue: $2.20 billion

Description: Russell Stover Chocolates has crafted a legacy of delivering delectable milk chocolate assortments that evoke nostalgia and joy. With a focus on tradition and quality, the brand remains a cherished part of American confectionery.

Website: [Russell Stover](

9. Sector: Candy & Confectionery Stores

Year Founded: 1925

Annual Revenue: $1.80 billion

Description: Ethel M Chocolates, known for its handcrafted gourmet chocolates, offers a selection of premium milk chocolate treats that capture the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and elegance.

Website: [Ethel M Chocolates](

10. Sector: Chocolate & Confectionery

Year Founded: 1923

Annual Revenue: $1.60 billion

Description: Whitman’s Chocolates, with a legacy originating from Stephen Whitman’s dedication to quality and innovation, continues to offer an array of milk chocolate creations that reflect time-honored traditions and delightful flavors.

Website: [Whitman’s](

In summary

With an array of esteemed milk chocolate producers in the US, consumers and industry professionals have a rich tapestry of options to explore. From iconic brands with deep-rooted legacies to specialized artisanal offerings, the landscape of milk chocolate production in the US continues to evolve, driven by innovation, quality, and a dedication to delivering delightful experiences.