List of Top 10 Recycled Plastic Manufacturers

Free List Of Top 10 Recycled Plastic Manufacturers

Plastic recycling has become an essential aspect of sustainable manufacturing, with numerous companies in the United States leading the way in producing recycled plastic materials. These manufacturers play a crucial role in addressing environmental concerns and reducing the carbon footprint of various industries. Understanding the landscape of these top recycled plastic manufacturers can provide valuable insights for retailers and executives seeking eco-friendly materials for their products. Here is a comprehensive overview of the top 10 recycled plastic manufacturers in the US.

Overview of Recycled Plastic Manufacturers in the US

1. Company: Avangard Innovative

– Sector: Plastics Recycling

– Year Founded: 1985

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Avangard Innovative is a leading provider of waste and recycling optimization solutions for the retail industry. They focus on creating sustainable practices in handling plastic waste and maximizing its value.

Website: [Avangard Innovative](

2. Company: MBA Polymers

– Sector: Plastic Recycling

– Year Founded: 1992

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: MBA Polymers specializes in recycling post-consumer plastics and transforming them into high-quality plastic resin. Their innovative processes contribute to the circular economy by reducing dependency on virgin plastics.

– Website: [MBA Polymers](

3. Company: CarbonLITE Industries

– Sector: Plastic Bottle Recycling

– Year Founded: 2011

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: CarbonLITE is a leading manufacturer of food-grade post-consumer recycled PET resins, primarily used for producing beverage bottles. Their advanced recycling facilities promote sustainability in the packaging industry.

– Website: [CarbonLITE Industries](

4. Company: The Plastics Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC)

– Sector: Plastic Recycling

– Year Founded: 1974

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: PRCC is a prominent industry leader in recycling post-industrial plastic scrap, playing a vital role in promoting the use of recycled materials within California’s retail sector.

– Website: [PRCC](

5. Company: Envision Plastics

– Sector: Plastic Recycling

– Year Founded: 2001

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Envision Plastics specializes in producing eco-friendly packaging solutions made from post-consumer recycled plastics. They aim to create a sustainable alternative for retailers and consumer goods companies.

– Website: [Envision Plastics](

6. Company: Custom Polymers

– Sector: Plastic Recycling

– Year Founded: 1994

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Custom Polymers is a leading recycler and reprocessor of a wide range of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic materials, providing sustainable solutions for various industries, including retail.

– Website: [Custom Polymers](

7. Company: Revolution

– Sector: Plastic Recycling

– Year Founded: 1999

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Revolution is dedicated to manufacturing high-performance, sustainable plastic products made from recycled materials. Their focus on innovation drives the adoption of recycled plastics in the retail sector.

– Website: [Revolution](

8. Company: Recycle PV Solar

– Sector: Solar Panel Recycling

– Year Founded: 2014

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Recycle PV Solar is a specialized recycler of end-of-life solar panels, contributing to the sustainable management of solar panel waste and the recovery of valuable materials for the renewable energy industry.

– Website: [Recycle PV Solar](

9. Company: Merlin Plastics

– Sector: Plastic Recycling

– Year Founded: 1987

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Merlin Plastics focuses on recycling various types of plastics and transforming them into high-quality resins and products, serving the needs of retailers and manufacturers across different sectors.

– Website: [Merlin Plastics](

10. Company: UltrePET

– Sector: Plastic Recycling

– Year Founded: 2018

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: UltrePET is a leading supplier of recycled PET resins, committed to providing sustainable solutions for the packaging and retail industries through the use of post-consumer recycled materials.

– Website: [UltrePET](

With these top recycled plastic manufacturers in the US, retailers and executives have the opportunity to explore sustainable material options for their products, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious future.