List of 10 Affiliate Marketing Software Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Software Companies

Affiliate marketing has become an integral part of online business strategies for companies looking to expand their reach and boost sales. In the United States, numerous software companies have emerged to cater to the growing demand for affiliate marketing solutions. These companies provide a range of tools and services to help businesses effectively manage their affiliate programs. Below is a brief overview of the top 10 affiliate marketing software companies in the US, showcasing their sector, year founded, annual revenue, short description, and website link.

Sector: Marketing Technology

1. Company: Impact

Year Founded: 2008

Annual Revenue: $100M+

Description: Impact offers a comprehensive suite of affiliate marketing solutions, including partner automation, fraud protection, and optimization tools.

Link: [Impact](

2. Company: CJ Affiliate

Year Founded: 1998

Annual Revenue: $100M+

Description: CJ Affiliate, formerly Commission Junction, provides an extensive network and platform for affiliate marketers to connect with top brands and advertisers.

Link: [CJ Affiliate](

Sector: E-commerce and Retail

3. Company: ShareASale

Year Founded: 2000

Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Description: ShareASale offers a user-friendly platform for merchants and affiliates to connect and grow their businesses through performance-based marketing.

Link: [ShareASale](

4. Company: Pepperjam

Year Founded: 1999

Annual Revenue: $50M+

Description: Pepperjam provides innovative technology and strategic services to help retailers and brands maximize their affiliate marketing efforts.

Link: [Pepperjam](

Sector: Affiliate Network and Management Software

5. Company: Awin

Year Founded: 2000

Annual Revenue: $100M+

Description: Awin connects advertisers and publishers worldwide, offering a comprehensive affiliate marketing network and intuitive management tools.

Link: [Awin](

6. Company: Rakuten Marketing

Year Founded: 1997

Annual Revenue: $500M+

Description: Rakuten Marketing provides data-driven solutions for affiliate marketing, leveraging advanced technology and global reach to drive performance for clients.

Link: [Rakuten Marketing](

Sector: Performance Marketing and AdTech

7. Company: Impact Radius

Year Founded: 2008

Annual Revenue: $50M+

Description: Impact Radius offers a suite of performance marketing solutions, empowering brands and agencies with advanced tracking and reporting capabilities.

Link: [Impact Radius](

8. Company: TUNE

Year Founded: 2009

Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Description: TUNE provides enterprise-grade technology for managing partner marketing programs, offering mobile and performance marketing solutions.

Link: [TUNE](

Sector: Digital Marketing and Technology

9. Company: FlexOffers

Year Founded: 2008

Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Description: FlexOffers is a leading performance marketing network, offering innovative solutions for advertisers and publishers to drive growth and revenue.

Link: [FlexOffers](

10. Company: Everflow

Year Founded: 2018

Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

Description: Everflow is a modern performance marketing platform designed for affiliate marketers, offering advanced tracking and analytics capabilities.

Link: [Everflow](

In a dynamic digital landscape, affiliate marketing software companies play a crucial role in facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships between advertisers and publishers. These top 10 companies exemplify excellence in providing robust and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the US market.