List of 10 Amusement Park Software Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Amusement Park Software Companies

For amusement park operators, selecting the right software can streamline operations, enhance visitor experiences, and drive revenue growth. Leveraging cutting-edge technology is integral to staying competitive in the dynamic amusement park industry. As such, this article provides an overview of the top 10 amusement park software companies in the US, helping executive-level decision-makers gain insights into the key players in the market.

Introducing the Top 10 Amusement Park Software Companies

1. *Company:* Gateway Ticketing Systems

*Sector:* Ticketing and admission control

*Year Founded:* 1988

*Annual Revenue:* Over $20 million

*Description:* Gateway Ticketing Systems is a leading provider of integrated ticketing, admission control, and revenue management solutions for the attractions industry. Their software helps amusement parks maximize revenue, streamline operations, and enhance guest experiences.

*Link:* [Gateway Ticketing Systems](

2. *Company:* accesso

*Sector:* Ticketing and guest experience

*Year Founded:* 1987

*Annual Revenue:* Over $100 million

*Description:* accesso offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline ticketing, guest experience, and virtual queuing at theme parks and attractions. Their software leverages innovative technology to drive operational efficiency and elevate the visitor experience.

*Link:* [accesso](

3. *Company:* Vantage

*Sector:* Point-of-sale and guest management

*Year Founded:* 1990

*Annual Revenue:* Not disclosed

*Description:* Vantage provides point-of-sale and guest management software tailored to the needs of amusement parks. Their customizable solutions enable operators to optimize sales, improve customer service, and gain actionable insights into park performance.

*Link:* [Vantage](

4. *Company:* ROLLER

*Sector:* Ticketing and customer relationship management

*Year Founded:* 2014

*Annual Revenue:* Not disclosed

*Description:* ROLLER’s cloud-based platform offers a seamless ticketing and CRM solution for amusement parks, enabling operators to drive online sales, manage memberships, and deliver personalized guest experiences.

*Link:* [ROLLER](

5. *Company:* Omnico

*Sector:* Point-of-sale and commerce

*Year Founded:* 2001

*Annual Revenue:* Not disclosed

*Description:* Omnico’s unified commerce platform empowers amusement parks to deliver a seamless and personalized guest experience. Their software integrates ticketing, retail, and F&B operations to enhance revenue and guest satisfaction.

*Link:* [Omnico](

6. *Company:* Gatemaster

*Sector:* Ticketing and access control

*Year Founded:* 1994

*Annual Revenue:* Not disclosed

*Description:* Gatemaster offers comprehensive ticketing, access control, and point-of-sale solutions for amusement parks. Their software enables operators to optimize admissions, enhance security, and facilitate efficient transactions.

*Link:* [Gatemaster](

7. *Company:* Galaxy Connect

*Sector:* Connectivity and integration

*Year Founded:* 1992

*Annual Revenue:* Not disclosed

*Description:* Galaxy Connect provides a connectivity platform that seamlessly integrates ticketing, retail, and operational systems for amusement parks. Their software simplifies complex integrations and enables data-driven decision-making.

*Link:* [Galaxy Connect](

8. *Company:* Siriusware

*Sector:* Point-of-sale and access control

*Year Founded:* 1987

*Annual Revenue:* Not disclosed

*Description:* Siriusware delivers point-of-sale and access control solutions designed to optimize visitor transactions and access management at amusement parks. Their software enhances operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

*Link:* [Siriusware](

9. *Company:* CenterEdge Software

*Sector:* Management and POS

*Year Founded:* 2004

*Annual Revenue:* Not disclosed

*Description:* CenterEdge Software offers a comprehensive management and point-of-sale solution tailored to the needs of amusement and entertainment venues. Their software helps streamline operations and optimize revenue streams.

*Link:* [CenterEdge Software](

10. *Company:* Agilysys

*Sector:* Hospitality and retail management

*Year Founded:* 1963

*Annual Revenue:* Over $150 million

*Description:* Agilysys provides innovative technology solutions for hospitality and retail management, including comprehensive software for amusement park operations. Their software enhances operational efficiency and guest service.

*Link:* [Agilysys](

Wrapping up

Selecting the right amusement park software is crucial for ensuring operational efficiency, enhancing guest experiences, and driving revenue growth. With a plethora of innovative solutions available, amusement park operators have a wide array of options to choose from. By leveraging the expertise and technology offered by these top 10 amusement park software providers in the US, executives can propel their parks towards success in the competitive entertainment industry.