List of 10 Connected Car Companies Making Waves in the US Market

Free List Of Top 10 Connected Car Companies

The automotive industry is experiencing a revolution with the emergence of connected car technology, offering innovative solutions to enhance driving experiences and safety. As the demand for smart vehicles continues to rise, several companies have emerged as key players in the connected car sector. These innovative companies are revolutionizing the automotive landscape, shaping the future of transportation in the United States.

Overview of Top 10 Connected Car Companies in the US

1. Tesla, Inc.

– Sector: Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage

– Year Founded: 2003

– Annual Revenue: $31.54 billion (2020)

– Description: Tesla, Inc. is a leading electric vehicle manufacturer and energy company, known for its groundbreaking advancements in electric vehicle technology. The company’s innovative approach to connected car features and autonomous driving has positioned it as a significant influencer in the industry.

– [Tesla, Inc.](

2. General Motors Company (GM)

– Sector: Automotive

– Year Founded: 1908

– Annual Revenue: $122.49 billion (2020)

– Description: General Motors is a renowned American automaker that has been at the forefront of connected car technology. With a focus on electric vehicles and connectivity solutions, GM continues to innovate with its OnStar services and advanced driver-assistance systems.

– [General Motors Company](

3. Ford Motor Company

– Sector: Automotive

– Year Founded: 1903

– Annual Revenue: $127.14 billion (2020)

– Description: Ford is a leading player in the connected car space, leveraging technology to enhance vehicle connectivity, safety, and performance. The company’s SYNC infotainment system and investment in autonomous vehicle development showcase its commitment to innovation.

– [Ford Motor Company](

4. Toyota Motor Corporation

– Sector: Automotive

– Year Founded: 1937

– Annual Revenue: $275.41 billion (2020)

– Description: Toyota is a global automotive powerhouse that has embraced connected car technologies to elevate the driving experience. With a focus on efficiency and safety, Toyota’s commitment to innovative features and advanced connectivity sets it apart in the industry.

– [Toyota Motor Corporation](

5. Apple Inc.

– Sector: Technology

– Year Founded: 1976

– Annual Revenue: $274.52 billion (2020)

– Description: Apple’s foray into the connected car space with CarPlay has redefined in-car entertainment and connectivity. The seamless integration of Apple’s ecosystem into vehicles has set new standards for smart, connected driving experiences.

– [Apple Inc.](

6. Google LLC (Waymo)

– Sector: Technology

– Year Founded: 1998

– Annual Revenue: N/A (Waymo operates under Alphabet Inc.)

– Description: Through its subsidiary, Waymo, Google has been at the forefront of self-driving technology, leveraging AI and machine learning to pioneer autonomous vehicles. Waymo’s advancements in connected car technology have positioned it as a leader in the autonomous driving space.

– [Waymo](

7. Aptiv PLC

– Sector: Technology and Automotive

– Year Founded: 1994 (as Delphi Automotive PLC)

– Annual Revenue: $14.36 billion (2020)

– Description: Aptiv is a technology company that specializes in autonomous driving solutions and connected vehicle platforms. Its focus on advanced safety systems and mobility solutions demonstrates its commitment to shaping the future of transportation.

– [Aptiv PLC](

8. Audi of America

– Sector: Automotive

– Year Founded: 1969 (as Volkswagen Group of America)

– Annual Revenue: N/A (Operating under Volkswagen Group)

– Description: Audi, a division of Volkswagen Group, is a prominent player in the connected car market, known for its advancements in vehicle connectivity and in-car technology. Audi’s commitment to smart mobility solutions showcases its dedication to enhancing the driving experience.

– [Audi of America](

9. NVIDIA Corporation

– Sector: Technology

– Year Founded: 1993

– Annual Revenue: $16.68 billion (2020)

– Description: NVIDIA’s expertise in AI and automotive computing has propelled it into the connected car arena, providing advanced computing platforms for autonomous driving and in-vehicle infotainment systems. The company’s focus on high-performance computing has revolutionized the automotive industry.

– [NVIDIA Corporation](

10. Verizon Communications Inc. (Verizon Connect)

– Sector: Telecommunications and Technology

– Year Founded: 2000 (Verizon Connect as a subsidiary)

– Annual Revenue: $128.3 billion (2020)

– Description: Verizon Connect offers innovative connected vehicle solutions, leveraging its telecommunications expertise to enhance fleet management and telematics. Its focus on driving efficiency and productivity in the automotive sector has positioned it as a key player in the connected car market.

– [Verizon Connect](

These top 10 connected car companies are driving innovation and shaping the future of mobility in the United States. Their relentless pursuit of technological advancements and commitment to enhancing the driving experience continues to revolutionize the automotive industry, setting new standards for connectivity, safety, and performance.