List of 10 Crane and Hoist Manufacturers in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Crane And Hoist Manufacturers Companies

The United States has a thriving industry dedicated to the manufacturing of cranes and hoists. Ranging from heavy-duty gantry cranes to precision hoists used in various applications, these companies play a crucial role in supporting construction, manufacturing, and logistics sectors across the country. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the top 10 crane and hoist manufacturers in the US, shedding light on their sector, year founded, annual revenue, and a brief description of each company.

Overview of the Top 10 Crane and Hoist Manufacturers

1. Columbus McKinnon Corporation

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1875

– Annual Revenue: Over $800 million

– Description: With a rich history dating back to the late 19th century, Columbus McKinnon Corporation is a global leader in providing intelligent lifting solutions and technologies. Their products range from electric chain hoists to high-capacity cranes, serving diverse industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

Website: [Columbus McKinnon](

2. Konecranes

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1910

– Annual Revenue: Over $3.3 billion

– Description: Konecranes specializes in overhead cranes, port cranes, and hoists, offering advanced lifting solutions designed for efficiency and safety. The company’s innovative technologies cater to a wide spectrum of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and steel production.

– Website: [Konecranes](

3. Terex Corporation

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1933

– Annual Revenue: Over $3.5 billion

– Description: Terex Corporation is a multinational manufacturer of lifting and material handling solutions. Their portfolio encompasses rough-terrain cranes, tower cranes, and utility equipment, serving industries like construction, utilities, and infrastructure development.

– Website: [Terex Corporation](

4. Harrington Hoists, Inc.

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1854

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Harrington Hoists, Inc. has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality hoists and cranes. Their products cater to diverse industrial applications, offering everything from manual chain hoists to custom-engineered lifting solutions.

– Website: [Harrington Hoists](

5. Gorbel Inc.

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1977

– Annual Revenue: Over $100 million

– Description: Gorbel Inc. specializes in ergonomic lifting and material handling solutions, including crane systems, jib cranes, and lifting devices. Their innovative products find application in industries ranging from automotive to pharmaceuticals.

– Website: [Gorbel](

6. Street Crane Company Ltd.

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1996

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Street Crane Company is a leading provider of overhead crane systems and hoists. They offer tailored lifting solutions for heavy industries, including steel, aerospace, and mining, emphasizing durability and reliability.

– Website: [Street Crane](

7. Spanco, Inc.

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1979

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Spanco, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of overhead workstation cranes, gantry cranes, and jib cranes. Their products cater to a wide range of applications in manufacturing and maintenance operations.

– Website: [Spanco](

8. Ace World Companies

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1987

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Ace World Companies is a renowned manufacturer of specialized hoist and crane systems, providing solutions for heavy industries, including mining, oil and gas, and construction. Their products are engineered for high performance and durability.

– Website: [Ace World Companies](

9. Demag Cranes & Components Corp.

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1819

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: Demag Cranes & Components Corp. offers a comprehensive range of cranes, hoists, and material handling equipment. Their innovative solutions serve industries such as power generation, shipbuilding, and warehousing.

– Website: [Demag Cranes](

10. R&M Materials Handling, Inc.

– Sector: Industrial

– Year Founded: 1929

– Annual Revenue: Undisclosed

– Description: R&M Materials Handling, Inc. specializes in advanced hoisting and material handling equipment, including wire rope hoists and crane systems. Their products cater to applications in manufacturing, heavy construction, and logistics.

– Website: [R&M Materials Handling](

These leading crane and hoist manufacturers in the US have demonstrated a commitment to delivering innovative, reliable, and safe lifting solutions across a variety of industries. As the demand for advanced lifting technologies continues to grow, these companies play a pivotal role in providing the tools necessary for efficient and safe material handling operations.