List of 10 Data Center Power Solutions Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Data Center Power Solutions Companies

Data centers are at the heart of modern business operations, providing the infrastructure necessary to store, process, and distribute vast amounts of information. As these facilities continue to grow in importance, the need for reliable power solutions becomes increasingly critical. In the United States, companies specializing in data center power solutions have emerged as leaders in the field, offering innovative and efficient products and services to support the evolving needs of the industry.

The top 10 data center power solutions companies in the US have proven track records in delivering cutting-edge technologies and services to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of data centers. These companies have distinguished themselves through their sector-specific expertise, commitment to sustainability, and their ability to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions. This article provides a brief overview of these prominent companies, shedding light on their sector, founding year, annual revenue, and a short description of their offerings, guiding executives in the retail industry towards making informed decisions when selecting a power solutions partner for their data centers.

Company #1: Schneider Electric

– Sector: Energy Management and Automation

– Year Founded: 1836

– Annual Revenue: $27.2 billion (2020 figures)

– Description: Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation solutions. The company offers a comprehensive range of power distribution, UPS systems, and energy management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of data centers. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, Schneider Electric is committed to driving energy efficiency and reliability in data center operations.

Website: [Schneider Electric](

Company #2: Eaton Corporation

– Sector: Power Management

– Year Founded: 1911

– Annual Revenue: $21.4 billion (2020 figures)

– Description: Eaton Corporation is a renowned provider of power management solutions, including UPS systems, power distribution units, and advanced monitoring and control technologies. Their products are designed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of critical data center infrastructure, offering robust performance and energy efficiency.

– Website: [Eaton Corporation](

Company #3: ABB Ltd

– Sector: Power Grids, Robotics, and Motion

– Year Founded: 1988

– Annual Revenue: $26.4 billion (2020 figures)

– Description: ABB is a leading technology company offering a wide range of products and services for power distribution, electrification, and automation. Its portfolio includes UPS systems, power quality solutions, and intelligent monitoring tools designed to enhance the reliability and performance of data center operations.

– Website: [ABB](

Company #4: Vertiv Co

– Sector: Critical Infrastructure Technologies

– Year Founded: 1983

– Annual Revenue: $4.4 billion (2020 figures)

– Description: Vertiv Co specializes in delivering critical infrastructure technologies, including UPS systems, thermal management solutions, and integrated power distribution systems. Their offerings are tailored to meet the demanding requirements of modern data centers, ensuring operational resilience and energy efficiency.

– Website: [Vertiv Co](

Company #5: Caterpillar Inc

– Sector: Construction and Mining Equipment, Engines

– Year Founded: 1925

– Annual Revenue: $41.7 billion (2020 figures)

– Description: Caterpillar Inc provides a diverse range of power generation solutions, including diesel and natural gas generators, switchgear, and control systems. With a focus on reliability and scalability, Caterpillar’s power solutions are designed to support the continuous operation of data centers under varying conditions.

– Website: [Caterpillar Inc](