List of 10 Drone Security Services Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Drone Security Services Companies

Drones have rapidly become a pivotal tool for security and surveillance across various industries. As the demand for drone security services continues to grow, it’s crucial to identify the top companies in the US that specialize in this field. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the top 10 drone security services companies, including their sector, year founded, annual revenue, short description, and a hyperlink to their website.

Overview of Drone Security Services Companies in the US

Drone security services encompass a range of capabilities, from aerial surveillance to perimeter monitoring and emergency response. These services play a crucial role in enhancing security measures for industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. By leveraging advanced drone technology, these companies offer innovative solutions for safeguarding assets, ensuring public safety, and mitigating security risks.

Top 10 Drone Security Services Companies in the US

1. Sector: Aerospace & Defense

Year Founded: 2010

Annual Revenue: $100 million

Description: AeroVironment is a leading provider of drone solutions for military and commercial applications. With a focus on unmanned aircraft systems, AeroVironment offers integrated security solutions for critical infrastructure and strategic operations.

Link: [AeroVironment](

2. Sector: Aerospace & Defense

Year Founded: 2013

Annual Revenue: $80 million

Description: FLIR Systems specializes in thermal imaging technologies and offers advanced drone-based security solutions. The company’s expertise in thermal cameras and sensors enhances situational awareness for security operations.

Link: [FLIR Systems](

3. Sector: Technology

Year Founded: 2003

Annual Revenue: $120 million

Description: Dedrone provides comprehensive counter-drone solutions to protect against unauthorized aerial threats. With a focus on airspace security, Dedrone’s systems detect and mitigate rogue drones in real time.

Link: [Dedrone](

4. Sector: Technology

Year Founded: 2014

Annual Revenue: $40 million

Description: Fortem Technologies specializes in AI-powered airspace security and provides drone detection and mitigation systems for critical infrastructure protection.

Link: [Fortem Technologies](

5. Sector: Aerospace & Defense

Year Founded: 2012

Annual Revenue: $90 million

Description: Drone Aviation Corp. offers tethered drone systems for persistent aerial surveillance and communication relay. The company focuses on enhancing security and situational awareness in various operational environments.

Link: [Drone Aviation Corp.](

6. Sector: Technology

Year Founded: 2015

Annual Revenue: $50 million

Description: Black Sage provides integrated defense solutions, including drone threat mitigation and airspace security. The company’s expertise in electronic warfare and sensor fusion ensures comprehensive security measures.

Link: [Black Sage](

7. Sector: Aerospace & Defense

Year Founded: 2008

Annual Revenue: $110 million

Description: Applied Concepts specializes in aerial surveillance and data collection using advanced drone platforms. The company’s comprehensive security solutions cater to critical infrastructure and public safety needs.

Link: [Applied Concepts](

8. Sector: Technology

Year Founded: 2017

Annual Revenue: $30 million

Description: WhiteFox Defense offers drone security systems for airspace monitoring and protection against unauthorized drone incursions. The company’s technology focuses on safeguarding sensitive areas and events.

Link: [WhiteFox Defense](

9. Sector: Aerospace & Defense

Year Founded: 2011

Annual Revenue: $85 million

Description: Citadel Defense specializes in AI-based drone detection and mitigation solutions for military and commercial applications. The company’s expertise in autonomous security systems ensures rapid threat response.

Link: [Citadel Defense](

10. Sector: Technology

Year Founded: 2016

Annual Revenue: $45 million

Description: Skydio develops autonomous drone systems with advanced obstacle avoidance and tracking capabilities. The company’s security solutions cater to dynamic surveillance and reconnaissance needs.

Link: [Skydio](

End thoughts

Selecting an appropriate drone security services provider is imperative for businesses seeking to bolster their security measures. The top companies in the US offer a wide range of capabilities, from drone detection and mitigation to advanced surveillance solutions, catering to the diverse security needs of various industries.

By carefully evaluating the services and expertise offered by these leading companies, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance their security infrastructure and mitigate potential threats effectively.