List of 10 Esports Gaming Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Esports Gaming Companies

Esports, or electronic sports, has become a booming industry in the United States and around the world. As the popularity of competitive gaming continues to rise, numerous gaming companies have emerged, each making significant strides in the esports sector. From organizing major tournaments to producing popular gaming titles, these companies have contributed to the growth and success of the esports industry.


Esports, once considered a niche interest, has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry with a global reach. In the US, esports gaming companies have played a pivotal role in shaping the competitive gaming landscape. From streaming platforms to game development studios, these companies have fostered a thriving ecosystem for professional gamers, enthusiasts, and spectators. This article provides an overview of the top 10 esports gaming companies in the US, showcasing their impact, achievements, and contributions to the ever-expanding world of esports.

Activision Blizzard, Inc.

– Sector: Gaming and Entertainment

– Year Founded: 2008

– Annual Revenue: $8.09 billion (2020)

– Description: Activision Blizzard is a leading publisher and developer of popular gaming franchises such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. The company also operates the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, organizing competitive events for professional gamers.

Website: [Activision Blizzard](

Electronic Arts Inc.

– Sector: Gaming and Entertainment

– Year Founded: 1982

– Annual Revenue: $5.63 billion (2021)

– Description: Electronic Arts, commonly known as EA, is a prominent game developer and publisher. With notable titles like FIFA, Madden NFL, and Apex Legends, EA has established a strong presence in the esports community, supporting competitive gaming events and leagues.

– Website: [Electronic Arts](

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

– Sector: Gaming and Entertainment

– Year Founded: 1993

– Annual Revenue: $3.09 billion (2021)

– Description: Take-Two Interactive is renowned for its popular gaming franchises, including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and NBA 2K. The company’s involvement in esports encompasses sponsoring tournaments, promoting competitive play, and engaging with gaming communities.

– Website: [Take-Two Interactive](

Riot Games, Inc.

– Sector: Gaming and Entertainment

– Year Founded: 2006

– Annual Revenue: Estimated at $2.1 billion (2020)

– Description: Riot Games is recognized for creating the immensely popular game, League of Legends. The company has paved the way for the growth of esports by establishing the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and supporting various international tournaments.

– Website: [Riot Games](

Epic Games, Inc.

– Sector: Gaming and Entertainment

– Year Founded: 1991

– Annual Revenue: Estimated at $5 billion (2020)

– Description: Epic Games is best known for developing the battle royale phenomenon, Fortnite. The company has facilitated esports competitions, offering substantial prize pools and fostering a competitive environment for players and teams.

– Website: [Epic Games](

Twitch Interactive, Inc.

– Sector: Live Streaming and Gaming

– Year Founded: 2011

– Annual Revenue: Estimated at $3.5 billion (2020)

– Description: Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a leading platform for live streaming and esports content. It has become a cornerstone of the gaming community, providing a platform for gamers, esports events, and gaming-related content creators.

– Website: [Twitch](

Discord Inc.

– Sector: Communication and Gaming

– Year Founded: 2015

– Annual Revenue: Estimated at $130 million (2020)

– Description: Discord, a popular communication platform for gamers, has been integral in connecting gaming communities and facilitating esports-related discussions. It has become a primary hub for coordinating gaming tournaments and events.

– Website: [Discord](

Ubisoft Entertainment SA

– Sector: Gaming and Entertainment

– Year Founded: 1986

– Annual Revenue: €2.24 billion (2020)

– Description: Ubisoft, a renowned game developer and publisher, has made significant contributions to the esports scene with titles like Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy’s The Division. The company’s support for competitive gameplay has enhanced the esports experience for players and fans.

– Website: [Ubisoft](

Microsoft Corporation

– Sector: Technology and Gaming

– Year Founded: 1975

– Annual Revenue: $168.09 billion (2020)

– Description: Microsoft, through its Xbox brand, has been a major player in the gaming industry. With initiatives like the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft has continually supported competitive gaming and esports events.

– Website: [Microsoft](

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

– Sector: Technology and Gaming

– Year Founded: 1993

– Annual Revenue: $20.8 billion (2019)

– Description: As the producer of the PlayStation gaming console, Sony Interactive Entertainment has been an influential force in the gaming world. The company’s support for esports is evident through partnerships with major esports organizations and the promotion of competitive gaming on PlayStation platforms.

– Website: [Sony Interactive Entertainment](

The impact of esports gaming companies in the US cannot be overstated. Their efforts to organize events, develop captivating games, and provide platforms for competitive play have significantly contributed to the widespread appeal of esports. As the industry continues to evolve, these companies are poised to drive further innovation and growth, shaping the future of competitive gaming.