List of 10 Health Insurance Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance is a crucial component of modern life, providing individuals and families with essential financial protection against the high costs of healthcare. With many health insurance companies operating in the United States, consumers have a wide range of options to choose from. This article presents an overview of the top 10 health insurance companies in the US, providing insight into their sectors, founding years, annual revenues, and brief descriptions of their services.

Overview of the Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in the US

1. UnitedHealth Group

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1977

– Annual Revenue: $242.2 billion (2020)

– Description: UnitedHealth Group is a diversified healthcare company that offers a broad range of products and services through two distinct platforms: UnitedHealthcare, a leading health benefits provider, and Optum, a health services platform.

Website: [UnitedHealth Group](

2. Anthem, Inc.

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 2004 (predecessor companies founded in the 1940s)

– Annual Revenue: $104.2 billion (2020)

– Description: Anthem, Inc. is a leading health benefits company committed to improving lives and communities. It offers a range of healthcare products, including medical, dental, and vision plans.

– Website: [Anthem, Inc.](

3. Kaiser Permanente

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1945

– Annual Revenue: $85.4 billion (2020)

– Description: Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium that provides healthcare services to its members. It operates its own hospitals and has its own medical groups and physicians.

– Website: [Kaiser Permanente](

4. Humana Inc.

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1961

– Annual Revenue: $77.1 billion (2020)

– Description: Humana Inc. is a leading health and well-being company offering a wide range of insurance products and health services, including Medicare plans and group benefits.

– Website: [Humana Inc.](

5. CVS Health Corporation (Aetna)

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1853 (Aetna brand acquired by CVS Health in 2018)

– Annual Revenue: $268.7 billion (2020)

– Description: Aetna, a CVS Health company, is a diversified healthcare benefits company serving an estimated 37.9 million people. Aetna offers a variety of healthcare and related benefits products, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, and vision plans.

– Website: [CVS Health Corporation](

6. Cigna Corporation

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1982 (predecessor companies founded in the 1790s)

– Annual Revenue: $160.4 billion (2020)

– Description: Cigna is a global health service company dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those it serves. It offers a wide array of health, wellness, and insurance products and services.

– Website: [Cigna Corporation](

7. WellCare (Centene Corporation)

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1985

– Annual Revenue: $112.2 billion (2020)

– Description: WellCare, now part of Centene Corporation, provides managed care services, focusing on government-sponsored programs, including Medicaid and Medicare Advantage.

– Website: [Centene Corporation](

8. Molina Healthcare, Inc.

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1980

– Annual Revenue: $18 billion (2020)

– Description: Molina Healthcare is a managed care company that arranges for the delivery of healthcare services for people eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, and other government-sponsored programs.

– Website: [Molina Healthcare](

9. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1929

– Annual Revenue: N/A (nonprofit organization)

– Description: The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a national federation of 36 independent, community-based and locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.

– Website: [Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association](

10. Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)

– Sector: Healthcare

– Year Founded: 1936

– Annual Revenue: $36.2 billion (2019)

– Description: Health Care Service Corporation is the largest customer-owned health insurer in the US, operating Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

– Website: [Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)](

In the highly competitive and ever-evolving healthcare industry, these top 10 health insurance companies in the US play a pivotal role in providing access to quality healthcare services and financial protection for millions of individuals and families across the country.

In the end

The variety of health insurance options available in the US reflects the dynamic and multi-faceted nature of the healthcare industry. These top 10 health insurance companies are at the forefront of ensuring that individuals and families have access to reliable and comprehensive health coverage, contributing to the overall well-being of the population.