List of 10 Hydro Turbine Manufacturing Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Hydro Turbine Manufacturing Companies

In the United States, hydro turbine manufacturing companies play a crucial role in providing sustainable energy solutions. With the growing emphasis on renewable energy sources, these companies have garnered significant attention for their contributions to the green energy sector. Here, we present an overview of the top 10 hydro turbine manufacturing companies in the US, highlighting their sector, year founded, annual revenue, short description, and website link.


The hydro turbine manufacturing industry in the US has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for clean and renewable energy sources. As the nation continues to prioritize sustainable energy solutions, the role of hydro turbine manufacturers has become increasingly prominent. By harnessing the power of water, these companies contribute significantly to the country’s energy sustainability. Their products not only generate clean electricity but also support the overall effort to combat climate change.

Overview of the Top 10 Hydro Turbine Manufacturing Companies in the US

1. Company Name: General Electric (GE)

– Sector: Energy

– Year Founded: 1892

– Annual Revenue: Over $120 billion

– Description: GE is a global leader in the energy industry, offering a wide range of hydro turbine solutions that are renowned for their efficiency and reliability.

– Link: [General Electric](

2. Company Name: Siemens Energy

– Sector: Energy

– Year Founded: 1847

– Annual Revenue: Approximately $33 billion

– Description: Siemens Energy is a prominent player in the hydro turbine manufacturing sector, known for its innovative technologies and sustainable energy solutions.

– Link: [Siemens Energy](

3. Company Name: Voith Group

– Sector: Energy & Hydro Power

– Year Founded: 1867

– Annual Revenue: Around $5 billion

– Description: Voith Group specializes in providing advanced hydro turbine systems and services, catering to the evolving needs of the green energy market.

– Link: [Voith Group](

4. Company Name: Andritz Hydro

– Sector: Hydro Power

– Year Founded: 1913

– Annual Revenue: Over $6 billion

– Description: Andritz Hydro is a leading provider of hydro turbine technologies, delivering high-performance solutions for sustainable power generation.

– Link: [Andritz Hydro](

5. Company Name: Toshiba International Corporation

– Sector: Energy Systems & Solutions

– Year Founded: 1965

– Annual Revenue: More than $3 billion

– Description: Toshiba International Corporation is recognized for its innovative hydro turbine products, contributing to the advancement of clean energy technologies.

– Link: [Toshiba International Corporation](

6. Company Name: Canyon Industries Inc.

– Sector: Hydro Power & Turbines

– Year Founded: 1970

– Annual Revenue: Over $200 million

– Description: Canyon Industries Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing hydro turbines tailored for specific energy needs and environmental considerations.

– Link: [Canyon Industries Inc.](

7. Company Name: Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd.

– Sector: Hydro Power Generation

– Year Founded: 1853

– Annual Revenue: More than $50 million

– Description: Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd. focuses on providing highly efficient hydro turbine solutions for various applications, contributing to sustainable energy production.

– Link: [Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd.](

8. Company Name: Wiegert Mechanical LLC

– Sector: Hydroelectric Systems

– Year Founded: 2001

– Annual Revenue: Over $30 million

– Description: Wiegert Mechanical LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing custom hydro turbine solutions, meeting the specific requirements of diverse energy projects.

– Link: [Wiegert Mechanical LLC](

9. Company Name: Rain for Rent

– Sector: Water Management & Hydro Power

– Year Founded: 1934

– Annual Revenue: Approximately $1 billion

– Description: Rain for Rent offers innovative water management solutions, including hydro turbine equipment, to support sustainable energy and resource utilization.

– Link: [Rain for Rent](

10. Company Name: Caterpillar Inc.

– Sector: Energy & Power Systems

– Year Founded: 1925

– Annual Revenue: Over $50 billion

– Description: Caterpillar Inc. is a renowned provider of power systems, encompassing hydro turbine solutions that contribute to efficient and sustainable energy production.

– Link: [Caterpillar Inc.](

The hydro turbine manufacturing companies listed above represent some of the leading players in the US energy industry, dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for clean power generation. With a strong focus on technology, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, these companies continue to drive the advancement of hydro turbine systems, shaping the future of renewable energy in the United States.

The significant contributions of these top hydro turbine manufacturing companies underscore their pivotal role within the broader landscape of renewable energy. As the nation increasingly prioritizes sustainability and clean energy, these companies are poised to play a vital part in driving the transition towards a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient future.