List of 10 Hydroelectric Power Installation Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Hydroelectric Power Installation Companies

Hydroelectric power, a sustainable and renewable energy source, is gaining traction across the United States as companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve energy independence. The following is a comprehensive overview of the top 10 hydroelectric power installation companies in the US, showcasing their sector, year founded, annual revenue, short description, and a link to their website.

Overview of the Top 10 Hydroelectric Power Installation Companies in the US

1. American Hydro Corporation

– Sector: Hydroelectric Equipment Manufacturer

– Year Founded: 1986

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: American Hydro Corporation is a leading manufacturer and servicer of hydroelectric turbines and related equipment. The company’s innovative solutions drive the advancement of hydroelectric technology.

– Link: [American Hydro Corporation](

2. MWH Constructors, Inc.

– Sector: Engineering and Construction

– Year Founded: 1843

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: MWH Constructors, Inc. provides leading expertise in hydropower, including design, construction, and maintenance of hydroelectric power facilities. The company’s long-standing experience guarantees high-quality and efficient solutions.

– Link: [MWH Constructors, Inc.](

3. Voith Group

– Sector: Technology and Industrial Services

– Year Founded: 1867

– Annual Revenue: $4.2 billion (Voith Group)

– Description: Voith Group is a global company specializing in energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials, and transportation & automotive markets. The company’s hydroelectric division is a leader in providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

– Link: [Voith Group](

4. GE Renewable Energy

– Sector: Renewable Energy and Power Generation

– Year Founded: 2015 (As part of GE)

– Annual Revenue: $16.74 billion (GE Renewable Energy)

– Description: GE Renewable Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of hydroelectric power solutions, including turbines, generators, and services. With a commitment to sustainability, the company drives the growth of renewable energy sources.

– Link: [GE Renewable Energy](

5. Andritz AG

– Sector: Industrial Machinery

– Year Founded: 1852

– Annual Revenue: $7.2 billion (Andritz AG)

– Description: Andritz AG is a global market leader for hydropower plant equipment and services, providing innovative technologies for efficient and sustainable power generation. The company focuses on optimizing plant performance and reliability.

– Link: [Andritz AG](

6. ABB Ltd

– Sector: Power and Technology

– Year Founded: 1988 (ABB)

– Annual Revenue: $27.11 billion (ABB)

– Description: ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation, and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalization and realize value.

– Link: [ABB Ltd](

7. Black & Veatch

– Sector: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

– Year Founded: 1915

– Annual Revenue: $3.5 billion (Black & Veatch)

– Description: Black & Veatch is a global leader in engineering, procurement, construction, and consulting services for hydroelectric power projects. The company’s expertise spans across the entire project lifecycle, delivering sustainable solutions.

– Link: [Black & Veatch](

8. Barnard Construction Company, Inc.

– Sector: Construction and Infrastructure

– Year Founded: 1960

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: Barnard Construction Company, Inc. specializes in hydroelectric construction, offering a wide range of services from civil engineering to project management. The company’s commitment to safety and quality ensures successful project delivery.

– Link: [Barnard Construction Company, Inc.](

9. HDR, Inc.

– Sector: Architecture, Engineering, and Consulting

– Year Founded: 1917

– Annual Revenue: $2.8 billion (HDR, Inc.)

– Description: HDR, Inc. provides comprehensive consulting, design, and project management services for various industries, including hydropower. The company brings advanced technical expertise to optimize resource utilization and project efficiency.

– Link: [HDR, Inc.](

10. Mott MacDonald

– Sector: Engineering, Management, and Development Consultancy

– Year Founded: 1989 (Merged organization)

– Annual Revenue: $2 billion (Mott MacDonald)

– Description: Mott MacDonald is a global engineering, management, and development consultancy with a hydroelectric division that offers integrated services for sustainable energy solutions. The company focuses on delivering innovative and practical results for its clients.

– Link: [Mott MacDonald](

Final considerations

These top 10 hydroelectric power installation companies are at the forefront of driving innovation and sustainable energy solutions across the United States. With their expertise in various sectors such as engineering, construction, technology, and renewable energy, these companies are instrumental in advancing the nation’s utilization of hydroelectric power.