List of 10 Journalistic Photography Companies in the US

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The field of photojournalism is one that requires both technical proficiency and an eye for capturing the human experience. In the United States, there are several companies that have excelled in this field, providing captivating visual narratives through their work. From documenting historical events to portraying the everyday lives of people, these top 10 journalistic photography companies have made a significant impact in the industry and continue to inspire through their compelling imagery.

National Geographic Studios

Sector: Publishing & Media

Year Founded: 1888

Annual Revenue: Over $3.9 billion (National Geographic Partners)

Description: National Geographic Studios, a division of National Geographic Partners, is renowned for its iconic and thought-provoking visual storytelling. With a legacy of over 130 years, they continue to produce impactful and influential photographic work that captivates audiences worldwide.

Website: [National Geographic Studios](

Associated Press Media Editors (APME)

Sector: News & Media

Year Founded: 1846

Annual Revenue: Over $460 million (The Associated Press)

Description: As a global news organization, the Associated Press has been at the forefront of photojournalism, delivering compelling visual content that covers significant events and stories from around the world. Their photographers are known for their dedication to authenticity and unbiased reporting.

Website: [Associated Press Media Editors (APME)](

Magnum Photos

Sector: Photography & Visual Arts

Year Founded: 1947

Annual Revenue: N/A (Privately held)

Description: Magnum Photos is a cooperative of renowned photographers, representing some of the most influential voices in documentary photography. Their work encompasses a diverse range of subjects, from social issues to cultural phenomena, showcasing a unique and immersive perspective.

Website: [Magnum Photos](

Getty Images

Sector: Visual Content & Media

Year Founded: 1995

Annual Revenue: Over $1 billion (estimated)

Description: Getty Images is a leading provider of visual content, including an extensive collection of journalistic photography. They collaborate with a global network of photographers to capture and curate impactful images that resonate with diverse audiences across various platforms.

Website: [Getty Images](

Time Magazine Photo Department

Sector: Publishing & Media

Year Founded: 1923

Annual Revenue: Over $173 million (Time Inc.)

Description: Time Magazine’s photo department has been a pioneer in showcasing outstanding visual journalism. Their photographers are known for their ability to tell compelling stories through compelling imagery, capturing moments that shape our world with depth and authenticity.

Website: [Time Magazine Photo Department](

VII Photo Agency

Sector: Photography & Visual Arts

Year Founded: 2001

Annual Revenue: N/A (Privately held)

Description: VII Photo Agency represents a diverse group of award-winning photojournalists, deeply committed to documenting and bringing attention to the most pressing social, environmental, and human rights issues. Their collective work reflects a powerful and ethical approach to storytelling.

Website: [VII Photo Agency](

Reuters Pictures

Sector: News & Media

Year Founded: 1851

Annual Revenue: N/A (Thomson Reuters)

Description: Reuters Pictures, part of the Thomson Reuters news agency, is globally recognized for its comprehensive coverage of news events through compelling visual narratives. Their photographers have a reputation for capturing the essence of significant moments with precision and insight.

Website: [Reuters Pictures](

The New York Times Photojournalism Department

Sector: Publishing & Media

Year Founded: 1851

Annual Revenue: Over $1.81 billion (The New York Times Company)

Description: The New York Times’ photojournalism department has a rich legacy of capturing the complexities of human stories through evocative imagery. Their photographers approach storytelling with depth and empathy, bringing attention to diverse narratives from around the world.

Website: [The New York Times Photojournalism Department](

The Washington Post Photography Department

Sector: Publishing & Media

Year Founded: 1877

Annual Revenue: N/A (Privately held by Nash Holdings)

Description: The Washington Post’s photography department has a long-standing tradition of producing impactful visual narratives that illuminate diverse aspects of societal, cultural, and political landscapes. Their photographers capture moments that resonate deeply with audiences.

Website: [The Washington Post Photography Department](

Los Angeles Times Visual Journalism Department

Sector: Publishing & Media

Year Founded: 1881

Annual Revenue: N/A (Tribune Publishing Company)

Description: The Los Angeles Times’ visual journalism department is committed to capturing the essence of the diverse and vibrant communities in Southern California and beyond. Their photographers provide a comprehensive visual narrative that reflects the region’s dynamic cultural fabric.

Website: [Los Angeles Times Visual Journalism Department](

These top 10 journalistic photography companies in the US have shown an unwavering dedication to capturing the human experience through compelling imagery. Their work not only informs and educates but also serves as a powerful means of connecting people across different cultures and communities. By portraying diverse stories and events with authenticity and empathy, these companies continue to shape the visual narrative of our world.