List of 10 Logistics Software Solutions Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Logistics Software Solutions Companies

Logistics is a crucial component of any business, and as technology continues to advance, the importance of efficient software solutions in the logistics sector cannot be overstated. The logistics software industry in the US continues to grow, offering a wide range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Overview of the Top 10 Logistics Software Solutions Companies in the US

1. Company: Descartes Systems Group

– Sector: Transportation Management

– Year founded: 1981

– Annual revenue: Approximately $300 million

– Description: Descartes Systems Group provides cloud-based logistics and supply chain management solutions, addressing the challenges of complex logistics and compliance requirements. The company’s software offers real-time visibility, automation, and optimization of logistics operations.

– Link: [Descartes Systems Group](

2. Company: HighJump (Korber)

– Sector: Warehouse Management

– Year founded: 1983

– Annual revenue: Approximately $1 billion (Korber Group)

– Description: HighJump, part of the Korber Group, provides comprehensive and flexible warehouse management and logistics solutions. Their software is designed to streamline warehouse operations, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency.

– Link: [HighJump (Korber)](

3. Company: JDA Software (Blue Yonder)

– Sector: Supply Chain Management

– Year founded: 1985

– Annual revenue: Approximately $1.2 billion (Blue Yonder)

– Description: JDA Software, now known as Blue Yonder, offers supply chain and retail solutions that help businesses to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences. Their software encompasses demand and fulfillment, inventory management, and workforce optimization.

– Link: [JDA Software (Blue Yonder)](

4. Company: Manhattan Associates

– Sector: Omnichannel Commerce

– Year founded: 1990

– Annual revenue: Approximately $600 million

– Description: Manhattan Associates specializes in omnichannel commerce solutions, providing software for distribution, transportation, and inventory management to drive supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– Link: [Manhattan Associates](

5. Company: MercuryGate International

– Sector: Transportation Management

– Year founded: 2000

– Annual revenue: Approximately $40 million

– Description: MercuryGate offers cloud-based transportation management solutions, enabling businesses to optimize their freight procurement, execution, and settlement processes. Their software helps in reducing transportation costs and improving delivery performance.

– Link: [MercuryGate International](

6. Company: SAP SE

– Sector: Enterprise Resource Planning

– Year founded: 1972

– Annual revenue: Approximately $30 billion

– Description: SAP provides comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions with specific modules for logistics and supply chain management. Their software integrates core business processes and supports end-to-end logistics operations.

– Link: [SAP SE](

7. Company: Oracle Corporation

– Sector: Supply Chain Management

– Year founded: 1977

– Annual revenue: Approximately $40 billion

– Description: Oracle offers a broad suite of supply chain management software solutions, including transportation management, warehouse management, and global trade management. Their software is designed to enhance visibility, control, and collaboration across the supply chain.

– Link: [Oracle Corporation](

8. Company: BluJay Solutions

– Sector: Global Trade Management

– Year founded: 2001

– Annual revenue: Approximately $100 million

– Description: BluJay Solutions specializes in global trade management and logistics applications, providing software to streamline import/export processes, ensure compliance, and optimize global trade operations.

– Link: [BluJay Solutions](

9. Company: Epicor Software Corporation

– Sector: Distribution Management

– Year founded: 1972

– Annual revenue: Approximately $900 million

– Description: Epicor offers distribution management software designed to streamline warehouse operations and improve inventory accuracy. Their solutions provide real-time visibility, inventory control, and order management capabilities.

– Link: [Epicor Software Corporation](

10. Company: 3PL Central

– Sector: Third-Party Logistics

– Year founded: 2006

– Annual revenue: Approximately $20 million

– Description: 3PL Central provides warehouse management software tailored for third-party logistics providers. Their software offers features such as multi-client functionality, billing and invoicing, and reporting to efficiently manage warehouse operations.

– Link: [3PL Central](

Logistics software solutions are integral to the smooth and efficient functioning of businesses across different industry sectors, including retail, manufacturing, and distribution. These top 10 companies provide a wide range of software solutions, addressing various aspects of logistics management, such as transportation, warehouse operations, supply chain optimization, and global trade management.

As the demand for integrated and intelligent logistics software continues to rise, these companies remain at the forefront of innovation, offering scalable and customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses in the US.

Whether an organization is seeking to improve warehouse efficiency, optimize transportation operations, or enhance the overall supply chain management, these top 10 logistics software solutions companies in the US provide a diverse array of options to drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

In this dynamic and competitive business landscape, the right logistics software solution can be a game-changer, offering businesses the tools and agility to adapt to evolving market demands and complexities in the supply chain. With a focus on innovation, scalability, and customer-centric design, these companies are driving the transformation of logistics management in the US. Choose among these industry leaders to elevate your logistics operations and stay ahead in the world of supply chain management.