List of 10 Microbial Fuel Cell Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Microbial Fuel Cell Companies

Microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology is a rapidly evolving sector that offers sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for energy production. In the United States, several companies are at the forefront of MFC innovation, driving the advancement of this cutting-edge technology. From powering remote sensors to treating wastewater, MFCs are revolutionizing the way we harness energy from organic matter. This article provides an overview of the top 10 microbial fuel cell companies in the US, outlining their sector, founding year, annual revenue, short description, and a hyperlink to their website.

Overview of the Top 10 Microbial Fuel Cell Companies in the US

1. Company: Cambrian Innovation

– Sector: Industrial Wastewater Treatment

– Year Founded: 2006

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: Cambrian Innovation specializes in advanced bioelectric wastewater treatment systems, including their flagship product, the EcoVolt solution, which utilizes MFC technology to generate electricity while treating industrial wastewater. Their innovative approach addresses environmental challenges while providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

– Website: [Cambrian Innovation](

2. Company: Emefcy (Fluence Corporation)

– Sector: Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

– Year Founded: 2008

– Annual Revenue: $1.03 million (as of 2017)

– Description: Emefcy, now part of the Fluence Corporation, has been a pioneer in developing MFC-based wastewater treatment systems. Their products enable energy-efficient and cost-effective treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, contributing to a cleaner environment and sustainable water management.

– Website: [Fluence Corporation](

3. Company: Luminous Power Technologies

– Sector: Energy Generation and Storage

– Year Founded: 2010

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: Luminous Power Technologies focuses on blending MFC technology with energy generation and storage solutions. Their innovative microbial fuel cells have the potential to transform the way electricity is generated and stored, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional power sources.

– Website: [Luminous Power Technologies](

4. Company: Microrganic Technologies

– Sector: Environmental Biotechnology

– Year Founded: 2011

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: Microrganic Technologies specializes in the application of MFCs for environmental biotechnology, with a strong focus on sustainable energy production and wastewater treatment. Their cutting-edge solutions aim to address the growing demand for eco-friendly technologies in various industries.

– Website: [Microrganic Technologies](

5. Company: ElectroCell Technologies

– Sector: Remote Power Solutions

– Year Founded: 2012

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: ElectroCell Technologies is dedicated to developing MFC-based products for remote power applications. Their innovative approach to energy generation from organic matter is paving the way for sustainable power solutions in off-grid and remote locations.

– Website: [ElectroCell Technologies](

6. Company: Pronghorn Technologies

– Sector: Sustainable Agriculture

– Year Founded: 2013

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: Pronghorn Technologies focuses on integrating MFC technology into sustainable agriculture practices, offering solutions for energy generation, soil health monitoring, and sustainable farming. Their innovative approach aims to enhance agricultural sustainability and efficiency.

– Website: [Pronghorn Technologies](

7. Company: BioElektra Group

– Sector: Renewable Energy and Environmental Solutions

– Year Founded: 2014

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: BioElektra Group specializes in providing renewable energy solutions and environmental services using microbial fuel cell technology. Their innovative approach to energy production and environmental sustainability has garnered attention for its promising impact on the renewable energy sector.

– Website: [BioElektra Group](

8. Company: AquaHarmonics

– Sector: Water Treatment and Desalination

– Year Founded: 2015

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: AquaHarmonics is dedicated to revolutionizing water treatment and desalination processes using MFC technology. Their innovative solutions offer sustainable and efficient alternatives for addressing water scarcity and environmental preservation.

– Website: [AquaHarmonics](

9. Company: PowerPanel

– Sector: Energy Harvesting Technologies

– Year Founded: 2016

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: PowerPanel specializes in energy harvesting technologies, with a focus on MFC-based solutions for sustainable power generation. Their products cater to a wide range of applications, including IoT devices, remote sensors, and low-power electronics, offering sustainable and eco-friendly energy sources.

– Website: [PowerPanel](

10. Company: BioVolt

– Sector: Bioremediation and Energy Generation

– Year Founded: 2017

– Annual Revenue: Privately held

– Description: BioVolt is committed to integrating MFC technology into bioremediation processes and energy generation. Their innovative approach to harnessing energy from organic matter, along with environmental remediation, showcases the potential of MFCs in addressing environmental challenges and advancing sustainable practices.

– Website: [BioVolt](

The groundbreaking work of these top 10 microbial fuel cell companies in the US underscores the remarkable potential of MFC technology in driving sustainable innovation across various sectors. As the demand for clean and renewable energy solutions continues to grow, these companies are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge MFC-based products and services, contributing significantly to the advancement of sustainable energy and environmental preservation.

To conclude

In the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable energy production and environmental stewardship, microbial fuel cell technology is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of renewable energy and environmental solutions. The innovative approaches and groundbreaking advancements from the top 10 MFC companies in the US showcase the transformative potential of this technology, offering sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives across diverse sectors. As these companies continue to drive innovation and sustainability, their contributions are poised to make a lasting impact on the way we generate energy, treat wastewater, and address environmental challenges.