List of 10 Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Companies in US

Free List Of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Companies

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, offering a range of services from drug development to packaging and distribution. These companies are responsible for manufacturing pharmaceutical products under contract for other pharmaceutical companies. In the United States, there are several key players in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing sector, each known for their expertise and contributions to the industry.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Companies in the US

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to expand and evolve, the demand for reliable contract manufacturing services has never been greater. Here is an overview of the top 10 pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies in the US, including key details about each company and its contributions to the industry.

1. Catalent

– Sector: Pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO)

– Year Founded: 2007

– Annual Revenue: $3.12 billion (in 2020)

– Description: Catalent provides a wide range of services, including drug delivery technologies, biologics development, and clinical supply services. The company offers solutions for both small and large molecule drugs, catering to various pharmaceutical needs.

– Link: [Catalent](

2. Lonza

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 1897

– Annual Revenue: $5.99 billion (in 2020)

– Description: Lonza specializes in the production and support of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), biopharmaceuticals, and custom development and manufacturing services. The company’s expertise spans from early-phase development to commercial manufacturing.

– Link: [Lonza](

3. Thermo Fisher Scientific

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 2006

– Annual Revenue: $32.22 billion (in 2020)

– Description: Thermo Fisher Scientific offers end-to-end pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services, encompassing drug substance, drug product, and packaging solutions. The company serves the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with a focus on innovation and quality.

– Link: [Thermo Fisher Scientific](

4. Patheon

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 1974

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: Acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Patheon is a leading provider of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services. The company specializes in drug substance and drug product services, catering to both small and large molecules.

– Link: [Patheon](

5. Recro Pharma

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 2007

– Annual Revenue: $85.6 million (in 2019)

– Description: Recro Pharma offers integrated manufacturing solutions, including active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing, formulation development, and specialized finished dosage form manufacturing services. The company focuses on supporting various dosage forms, including solid oral, semi-solids, and liquids.

– Link: [Recro Pharma](

6. Aenova Group

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 1988

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: Aenova Group provides a comprehensive range of services, including development, manufacturing, and packaging of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements. The company’s expertise spans across various dosage forms and packaging solutions.

– Link: [Aenova Group](

7. Avid Bioservices

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 2002

– Annual Revenue: $86.3 million (in 2020)

– Description: Avid Bioservices specializes in biologics contract development and manufacturing, focusing on the production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies. The company offers a range of services, including process development, cell line development, and cGMP manufacturing.

– Link: [Avid Bioservices](

8. Alcami

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 1972

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: Alcami provides integrated pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services, encompassing drug substance, drug product, and analytical testing services. The company serves a diverse range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, offering end-to-end solutions for drug development and manufacturing.

– Link: [Alcami](

9. Piramal Pharma Solutions

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 1984

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: Piramal Pharma Solutions offers a broad range of services, including API development and manufacturing, formulation development, and finished dosage form manufacturing. The company serves global pharmaceutical clients, providing customized solutions for complex drug development projects.

– Link: [Piramal Pharma Solutions](

10. Sharp

– Sector: CDMO

– Year Founded: 1952

– Annual Revenue: Not Available

– Description: Sharp specializes in contract packaging and clinical trial services, offering end-to-end solutions for pharmaceutical packaging, labeling, and distribution. The company’s expertise ensures that pharmaceutical products are efficiently packaged and distributed for clinical trials and commercial supply.

– Link: [Sharp](

The pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry in the US is home to these top 10 companies, each contributing significantly to the development and production of pharmaceutical products. As the industry continues to innovate and grow, these companies play a pivotal role in supporting pharmaceutical companies in bringing new medicines to market and ensuring the quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical production.

The bottomline

The pharmaceutical contract manufacturing sector in the US is a dynamic and critical component of the pharmaceutical industry. The top 10 companies highlighted in this article have demonstrated their commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality in providing contract manufacturing services to pharmaceutical clients. Their contributions have enabled pharmaceutical companies to focus on their core competencies in drug development and commercialization, while outsourcing manufacturing activities to trusted and experienced partners.

In an industry driven by high standards and regulatory compliance, the expertise and capabilities of these companies are invaluable to ensuring the safety, efficacy, and timely delivery of pharmaceutical products. With the continued growth and evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, these companies are expected to play an increasingly vital role in supporting the development and manufacturing of new and innovative medicines.