List of 10 Residential Property Management Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 10 Residential Property Management Companies

The residential property management industry in the US is a dynamic sector that plays a crucial role in the real estate market. As the demand for professional property management services continues to grow, it’s essential for property owners, investors, and real estate professionals to stay informed about the top players in the field. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth overview of the top 10 residential property management companies in the US, highlighting their sector, year founded, annual revenue, and a brief description of their services.


Residential property management companies are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of rental properties, ensuring that they are well-maintained, and providing efficient tenant management. Whether it’s a single-family home, apartment complex, or condominium, these companies are instrumental in maximizing the value of real estate assets for property owners and investors. The following are the top 10 residential property management companies in the US, each contributing significantly to the growth and stability of the real estate industry.

Sector: Single-Family Homes

1. Invitation Homes

– Year Founded: 2012

– Annual Revenue: $1.49 billion

– Description: Invitation Homes is a leading owner and operator of single-family homes for lease, providing high-quality homes in desirable neighborhoods across the US. With a focus on providing a superior rental experience, they offer professionally managed properties with 24/7 maintenance support.

Website: [Invitation Homes](

Sector: Multi-Family Apartments

2. Greystar

– Year Founded: 1993

– Annual Revenue: $4.8 billion

– Description: Greystar is a global leader in the investment, development, and management of high-quality multi-family real estate properties. With a diverse portfolio of apartment communities, they prioritize exceptional customer service, sustainable practices, and innovative property management solutions.

– Website: [Greystar](

3. Pinnacle

– Year Founded: 1980

– Annual Revenue: $2.2 billion

– Description: Pinnacle is a leading real estate management firm specializing in the management of multi-family residential communities. Their comprehensive services include property management, leasing, marketing, and asset management, catering to the unique needs of property owners and residents.

– Website: [Pinnacle](

Sector: Condominiums and Homeowners Associations (HOA)

4. FirstService Residential

– Year Founded: 1984

– Annual Revenue: $3.1 billion

– Description: FirstService Residential is the largest manager of residential communities in North America, providing professional management services to condominiums, homeowner associations, and co-ops. With a focus on enhancing property values and resident satisfaction, they offer tailored solutions for community governance, maintenance, and financial management.

– Website: [FirstService Residential](

Sector: Affordable Housing

5. WinnCompanies

– Year Founded: 1971

– Annual Revenue: $353 million

– Description: WinnCompanies is a national property development and management company specializing in affordable, mixed-income, and market-rate housing. With a commitment to creating thriving communities, they deliver innovative affordable housing solutions while providing quality property management services.

– Website: [WinnCompanies](

Sector: Senior Living Communities

6. Brookdale Senior Living Solutions

– Year Founded: 1978

– Annual Revenue: $3.72 billion

– Description: Brookdale Senior Living Solutions is the leading operator of senior living communities in the US, offering a range of personalized care and lifestyle options for older adults. Their expertise in managing senior housing properties ensures a supportive and enriching environment for residents.

– Website: [Brookdale](

Sector: Student Housing

7. Campus Advantage

– Year Founded: 2003

– Annual Revenue: $128.2 million

– Description: Campus Advantage is a student housing management company focused on providing exceptional living experiences for college students. Through tailored services and community engagement, they create vibrant and supportive residential environments within close proximity to university campuses.

– Website: [Campus Advantage](

Sector: Military Housing

8. Lincoln Military Housing

– Year Founded: 2001

– Annual Revenue: Not disclosed

– Description: Lincoln Military Housing is dedicated to providing quality housing for military families across the US. With a strong emphasis on customer service and community engagement, they manage housing communities that cater to the unique needs of military personnel and their families.

– Website: [Lincoln Military Housing](

Sector: Vacation Rentals and Short-Term Housing

9. Vacasa

– Year Founded: 2009

– Annual Revenue: $551.5 million

– Description: Vacasa is a full-service vacation rental management company specializing in the management of private homes, condos, and resorts for short-term stays. Their comprehensive approach to property management, including marketing, reservations, and guest services, ensures homeowners maximize their rental income.

– Website: [Vacasa](

Wrapping up

The top 10 residential property management companies in the US play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the value of real estate assets across various sectors. Whether it’s single-family homes, multi-family apartments, condominiums, or specialized housing communities, these companies offer professional management services that meet the diverse needs of property owners and residents. By leveraging their industry expertise, innovative solutions, and commitment to customer satisfaction, these companies contribute significantly to the growth and stability of the real estate market.