List of 20 Airlines and Aviation Companies in the US

Free List Of Top 20 Airlines/Aviation Companies

With the continuous growth and advancement in the aviation industry, it is essential for consumers and executives to stay informed about the top players in the field. The aviation industry in the United States is home to several leading airlines and aviation companies that have made significant contributions to air travel. From legacy carriers to innovative startups, these companies have been instrumental in shaping the aviation landscape. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the top 20 airlines and aviation companies in the US, including their sector, year founded, annual revenue, a brief description, and a link to their website.

Overview of the Top 20 Airlines/Aviation Companies

1. American Airlines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1930

– Annual Revenue: $45.8 billion

– Description: American Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines, serving customers with a vast network of destinations and modern aircraft. The company offers a range of travel experiences, including luxury and economy class options.

– Website: [American Airlines](

2. Delta Air Lines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1924

– Annual Revenue: $47 billion

– Description: Delta Air Lines is a major American airline known for its extensive domestic and international routes. The airline focuses on providing exceptional customer service and innovative travel solutions.

– Website: [Delta Air Lines](

3. United Airlines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1926

– Annual Revenue: $43.3 billion

– Description: United Airlines is a prominent player in the airline industry, offering a broad range of flight options and premium services. The airline is committed to sustainable practices and enhancing the travel experience for its customers.

– Website: [United Airlines](

4. Southwest Airlines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1967

– Annual Revenue: $22.01 billion

– Description: Southwest Airlines is a popular low-cost carrier that has transformed air travel with its affordable fares and excellent customer service. The airline operates a vast domestic network and provides streamlined travel experiences.

– Website: [Southwest Airlines](

5. FedEx Corporation

– Sector: Air Freight & Logistics

– Year Founded: 1971

– Annual Revenue: $69.2 billion

– Description: FedEx Corporation is a global logistics company, offering a wide range of transportation, e-commerce, and business services. With an extensive air network, FedEx plays a critical role in global trade and supply chain management.

– Website: [FedEx Corporation](

6. UPS Airlines

– Sector: Air Freight & Logistics

– Year Founded: 1988

– Annual Revenue: $74.09 billion

– Description: UPS Airlines is a vital component of UPS’s integrated supply chain solutions, providing air cargo services worldwide. The company focuses on efficiency and sustainability in its aviation operations.

– Website: [UPS Airlines](

7. JetBlue Airways

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1998

– Annual Revenue: $7.1 billion

– Description: JetBlue Airways is a leading low-cost carrier known for its modern fleet, in-flight amenities, and customer-friendly policies. The airline emphasizes comfort and convenience for its passengers.

– Website: [JetBlue Airways](

8. Alaska Airlines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1932

– Annual Revenue: $8.26 billion

– Description: Alaska Airlines is a major airline serving destinations across the US, Canada, Mexico, and beyond. The company is committed to sustainability and exceptional service, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

– Website: [Alaska Airlines](

9. Spirit Airlines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1980

– Annual Revenue: $4.02 billion

– Description: Spirit Airlines is known for its ultra-low-cost model, providing affordable air travel options to various destinations. The airline focuses on operational efficiency and value-driven services for customers.

– Website: [Spirit Airlines](

10. Republic Airways

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1973

– Annual Revenue: $2.03 billion

– Description: Republic Airways operates flights for major US airlines under the American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express brands. The company plays a crucial role in regional air travel.

– Website: [Republic Airways](

11. SkyWest, Inc.

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1972

– Annual Revenue: $3.24 billion

– Description: SkyWest, Inc. is a leading regional airline provider, offering connections to major hubs and regional destinations. The company focuses on reliability and customer satisfaction.

– Website: [SkyWest, Inc.](

12. General Dynamics Aviation Services

– Sector: Business Aviation

– Year Founded: 1959

– Annual Revenue: $37.9 billion (total company revenue)

– Description: General Dynamics Aviation Services provides a range of business aviation solutions, including aircraft maintenance, modifications, and completions. The company serves a diverse clientele with its expertise in aviation services.

– Website: [General Dynamics Aviation Services](

13. Hawaiian Airlines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1929

– Annual Revenue: $2.8 billion

– Description: Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline in Hawaii, offering passenger and cargo services to various destinations. The airline prioritizes the spirit of Aloha and aims to provide a seamless travel experience.

– Website: [Hawaiian Airlines](

14. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings

– Sector: Air Freight & Logistics

– Year Founded: 1992

– Annual Revenue: $3.67 billion

– Description: Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings operates a global fleet of freighter aircraft, providing cargo and logistics solutions to a diverse range of industries. The company specializes in global airfreight services.

– Website: [Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings](

15. CommutAir

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1989

– Annual Revenue: $187 million

– Description: CommutAir operates regional flights as a United Express partner, serving as a vital link in the United Airlines network. The company focuses on safe, reliable, and customer-centric regional air travel.

– Website: [CommutAir](

16. Cape Air

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1989

– Annual Revenue: $154 million

– Description: Cape Air is a regional airline operating in the US and Caribbean, providing essential air services to various communities. The company is dedicated to connecting people and places through air travel.

– Website: [Cape Air](

17. Allegiant Air

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1997

– Annual Revenue: $2.5 billion

– Description: Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline focused on leisure travel, offering affordable flights to popular vacation destinations. The airline emphasizes non-stop routes and customer value.

– Website: [Allegiant Air](

18. Piedmont Airlines

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 1931

– Annual Revenue: $573 million

– Description: Piedmont Airlines operates regional flights as an American Eagle partner, providing crucial connectivity within the American Airlines network. The company is dedicated to safe and reliable regional air travel.

– Website: [Piedmont Airlines](

19. XTRA Airways

– Sector: Charter Airlines

– Year Founded: 1987

– Annual Revenue: $37 million

– Description: XTRA Airways specializes in charter air travel, serving a wide range of clientele with customized flight solutions. The company focuses on personalized service and tailored travel experiences.

– Website: [XTRA Airways](

20. Boutique Air

– Sector: Airlines

– Year Founded: 2007

– Annual Revenue: $67 million

– Description: Boutique Air provides essential air services to communities and offers convenient and reliable regional air travel. The company is committed to serving customers with a personalized and seamless travel experience.

– Website: [Boutique Air](

End thoughts

The US aviation industry is home to a diverse array of airlines and aviation companies that cater to various travel needs and play crucial roles in the transportation and logistics sectors. From legacy carriers to regional airlines and air cargo providers, these companies collectively contribute to the growth and innovation of air travel. As consumers and industry professionals navigate the dynamic aviation landscape, staying informed about the top airlines and aviation companies is essential for making informed decisions and knowing the evolving trends in the industry.